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Tour Code: CREC011

  • Group type: shared or private tour

  • Difficulty in travel: easy

  • Departure day: The itinerary has a limit on the departure day. Please read the itinerary




The itinerary includes:

Upon arrival at Quito Airport, the airport picks up to the hotel to rest


The itinerary does not include:

Lunch and dinner




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

For the QUITO city sightseeing itinerary, we will visit the following attractions:

We will visit some of the most famous squares, churches and colonial buildings of the city. La Plaza de la Independencia and the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop Palace, the Municipal building, the Independent Statue and the Cathedral. After that, we will go to Sagrario Church and La Compania Church. Finally we will go to Panecillo and The statue of La Virgin de Quito. From here we will overlook the entire city of Quito and the surrounding snowy volcanoes.


After that, we will visit the Middle of the world monument and Intiñan Museum

After the trip, the car will return to the hotel to rest

The itinerary does not include:

Lunch and dinner



The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to Cotopaxi entrance

Cotopaxi Volcanao 1 day tour (English speaking guide)

First we will visit the park museum, where we will learn about the history and geology of the entire volcano. Cotopaxi volcano is about 5897 meters above sea level. After the end of the museum, we will follow the guide to visit Limpiopungo Lake, about 3800 meters. We will observe half-wild free horses, various ducks, hummingbirds and Andean gulls and lapwing. Afterwards, we will visit the José Ribas refuge. If the weather is clear, we will enjoy incredible views from above. Afterwards, we will visit several glaciers nearby, and in the cracks of the ice wall, you can see the breathtaking scenery


After the tour, we will rest in the former BAÑOS city hotel


Stroke does not contain:

Lunch and dinner




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

The guide will pick you up at the hotel

We will stroll around the town early in the morning, and then we will go to "ROAD of Waterfalls", where we will see large and small waterfalls. After a period of hiking, we will come to "El Pailon del Diablo" waterfall, which is the most spectacular and beautiful waterfall among all waterfalls. After that, we will cross a cloud forest. After lunch (at our own expense), we will go to Riobamba , We will have a short stop on the Yan Road to visit the Chimborazo volcano


After the tour, we will rest in the former Riobamba city hotel


The itinerary does not include:

Lunch and dinner








一早我們將拜訪Riobamba周圍的一些景點,如第一座在厄瓜多成立的教堂 “balbanera church” 及Colta潟湖。之後我們前往搭乘傳說中的 “ Andes – train” ,這段火車將穿越Devil’s Nose.





Please refer to our carefully planned 5--8 day trip to Galapagos Island Hopping



** Incl. QUITO Hotel-Airport Transfer

DAY 10



** Incl. QUITO Airport-Hotel Transfer and DAY 10 QUITO Hotel



Please refer to our Galapagos cruise itinerary

DAY 11



The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel ** If the departure time is too early, the hotel will not provide breakfast

Private car to the airport


The itinerary does not include:


Lunch and dinner

International Ticket

The itinerary includes:

  • The connection mentioned in the itinerary

  • 4 nights hotel in QUITO, 1 night hotel in BAÑOS, 1 night in Riobamba, 4 nights in GALAPAGOS

  • Some meals

  • Domestic flight tickets * need to be based on the price of the ticket purchased at the time

  • Tickets, tickets and sightseeing itineraries mentioned in the itinerary

The itinerary does not include:

  • International Ticket

  • Insurance

  • Some meals

  • Items not included in the itinerary

  • tip


  • Part of the hotel will be affected by the off-peak season, if there is a change, it will be replaced by a hotel or bed and breakfast of the same level.
  • The itinerary cost includes domestic transportation during the trip (domestic flights, shuttle buses, trains, etc.), transfer service (only within the itinerary), sightseeing itinerary (including English tour guide commentary. According to your requirements, we can also provide tour guides in other languages) Or you can turn to the councilor), part of the tickets of the sightseeing spots (please read the itinerary) and the accommodation in the itinerary. However, the itinerary does not include personal expenses, international air tickets, airport taxes for international flights, visa fees and tips.
  • Does not include any travel safety accident insurance and inconvenience insurance: Passengers are required to insure travel safety insurance and inconvenience insurance. The travel agency will not be responsible for any accidental compensation, medical expenses, flight delays or cancellations caused by third parties or force majeure factors or personal factors of the passenger, loss of luggage, etc. that are not caused by the travel agency to the passenger.
  • The itinerary is only a rough introduction, please read it thoroughly and communicate with the travel agency in many ways. When you make a payment, you will be deemed to agree to all itinerary contracts and terms. The correct itinerary (including hotel) will be given to passengers 1-2 weeks before departure
  • During the trip, the travel agency will also adjust part of the itinerary or cancel any itinerary that may cause passenger injury due to various factors, such as traffic and weather.
  • However, if due to cancellation or delay of international flights or domestic flights, personal visa problems of the passengers, weather, natural disasters, wars, strikes and force majeure (not due to errors caused by the travel agency itself), the passengers cannot participate in the itinerary or must cancel the itinerary, The travel agency will not give any compensation or refund. However, the travel community tries to assist the passengers to adjust their itineraries so that the rights and interests of the passengers will not be damaged too much.
  • If the itinerary is changed due to the passenger's personal factors, the passenger must bear the additional costs and handling fees for changing the itinerary.
  • After the itinerary is confirmed, if you book 6 months before departure, you need to pay 65% ​​of the total deposit. For bookings made 1-3 months ago, a deposit of 80% of the total amount is required. After confirming the amount received, the travel agency will immediately book all the trips. And pay the final payment 20 days before departure, we accept the following payment methods

-Credit card payment: We only accept VISA, Master card, American Express, Diners club.

- Bank Transfer

  • After receiving the deposit, the travel agency will start to book the itinerary according to the content of the itinerary. Any changes in the itinerary due to the passenger's personal factors will be borne by the guest.
  • Please read the itinerary for details.
  • Vegetarians, allergies to a certain food, patients with heart disease or medical history, and other health issues need to inform the travel agency before booking. If the travel agent is not informed or advised 1-2 weeks before departure, the travel agent will have the right to cancel the itinerary (the travel agent will assess the passenger's physical condition) or the meal will not be replaced.
  • Hold an international student card (only accept ISIC, under 25 years old), will enjoy some discounts on tickets ** For student discount prices, please check with the travel agency
  • If the passenger cancels the itinerary after prepaying the deposit, the refund standard will be the same as the travel contract. Travel contract website:
  • If the itinerary contains a ticket in South America and is booked by a travel agency, once the booking and invoicing (if there is a booking code or ticket number), the ticket cannot be refunded and refunded.
  • No matter the passenger cancels the itinerary for any reason, the travel agency will not refund 10% of the total amount of the handling fee, service fee and other non-refundable fees: such as booking and payment. For other refund standards, please read the travel agency ’s travel contract:
  • This itinerary is like a travel contract. After prepaying the deposit, the representative agrees to all the itinerary content and travel contract. Passengers are requested to read the travel contract at this link before paying the deposit:

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