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Welcome to CrossLand Travel. Our travel agency is located in Lima, Peru and has offices in Cusco.


CrossLand Travel, as the name suggests, hopes to lead our travelers through every country that was sculpted by the ancient Inca civilization. The main services of our travel agency include sightseeing in major cities, hiking and trekking, jungle ecological tours, culture and language learning.

And I hope to give passengers a safe and reasonable price of travel services. In terms of itinerary, we provide individual or two-person travel, family travel, package travel, fixed-point travel and special travel. We also provide tailor-made programs to give travellers more flexibility and more suitable travel services.


Our tour guides have travel commentary licenses and have served in the Peruvian tourism industry for many years. The staff have also been trained in professional tourism knowledge.


CrossLand Travel will be happy to answer all your questions and provide tourist information, and with the most sincere heart to make you an unforgettable South American trip.

“If the stranger wants to be accepted, you need to learn the rules and customs,

to integrate into an environment without breaking the harmony. Each human

group has its way of life. Why not keep the diversity without trying

to impose ours?”






Know Before You Travel It is wonderful and exciting to travel to other countries. Each country has different cultural differences and levels, and of course it will be different from its hometown. Here, we try to let travelers understand and hope to reduce the impact of culture with an optimistic attitude to cater to this new city and a different culture ...


The mindset of tourism: Peru, unlike other advanced countries, has a high-tech and orderly life (perhaps only seen in large cities). They still retain the characteristics and ideas of traditional culture. Generally speaking, South Americans are very kind and hospitable, but at the same time, travelers must always pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment and their belongings. The most special thing is that South Americans are very punctual. Of course in the tourism industry, punctuality and accountability are necessary. But because the quality of various travel agencies is uneven, when travelers travel to South America, let go of your minds and use optimism to face any unexpected situations in travel.


Learn some Spanish that you will use on your travels. Do your best to try to communicate with the locals in Spanish. This will make them feel very worried and moved.


Buying local products not only allows you to learn more about Peruvian culture, but also to do your part to help the lives of local people


Cultivation of travel During the trip, always look at the local traditional culture and their holy places with admiration and respect. Do not do anything that would damage the reputation of your country.


When photographing, when photographing locals, always ask for permission before filming. After the shooting, don't forget to give some small thanks.


How to control unpleasant emotions You and South Americans have many different life backgrounds, especially in cultural traditions, ideas and time concepts. So when you encounter a problem, don't panic, please try to deal with all problems with a gentle attitude and sufficient patience.

如何控制不愉快情緒您和南美人有著許多不同生活背景,尤其在文化傳統、思想及時間概念。 所以當遇到問題時,不要慌張,請盡量以溫和的態度及足夠的耐心來處理所有的問題。

The principle of bargaining Generally speaking, when you buy goods in South America, you can ask for some discounts or bargains, but you must continue to bargain at a reasonable price.


Excessive Expectations When you encounter things, environment, service, and people that are not as good as you expected, choose to take them with surprise but don't be disappointed and use impolite attitudes to reduce your original education and destroy the atmosphere of travel.


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