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Islas  Uros

Witness the birth of Reed Island and learn the secrets of rafting islands on plateau lakes



Go deep into the rain forest and immerse yourself in the embrace of nature



Nomads living in the lake have an indomitable spirit

LIMA, PERU_ View of San Martin square..j
City of King


In the old town you will see colonial buildings, just like you are somewhere in Europe



Preserve the most complete Inca ruins and let you be amazed



Capital of the Inca Kingdom, also home to the Spanish Army

close up of a wall covered in hand made

Pisac Market

In here, colorful is one of fashion.

View from Pumatallis terraces, in the Ol


Enter Machu Picchu's last defensive line and its love story



The final battle eventually became a Spanish colony


Duration/天數                            10 DAYS

Visiting City/ 參觀城市              LIMA-AMAZONE-CUSCO-MAChU PICCH-PUNO-LIMA

Travel Style/旅遊分類              ADVENTURE

Group type/ 旅遊方式               SHARED TOUR

Min passengers/ 最低人數      2 PERSONS

10 DAYs
1. Suitable for travelers who love nature and adventure trips
2. Want to visit Peru two major points at a time: Machu Picchu + Amazon Rainforest
3. There is a dedicated car for the whole journey, no need to worry about the language barrier
4. Semi-self-service itinerary, free travel when there is no itinerary, time is more flexible
5. With some meals, you can choose the Peruvian food you want to eat

Pick up from airport-hotel

We will visit the main square of Lima. We will see colonial-style buildings such as the Presidential Palace, St. Martin's Square, and the Cathedral. Then we will come to the Franciscan Monastery, built in the colonial era and still maintain all the treasures of the Spanish era, including the most famous catacombs. Then we will come to the most modern area of ​​Lima: San Isidro / san isidro, then we will visit:  Miraflores district / And its most famous LARCO MAR shopping center and Valentine's Square

No incl . meals / international flight tickets


Have breakfast in hotel

Private tranPuerto Maldonado

Arrival: Reception at the airport with transfer to our office, which is located in the center of Puerto Maldonado. Any luggage that you do not require during your stay in the rainforest can be safely kept in our storage room. This is to facilitate the transport by boat to the lodge.

We will embark for our lodge traveling on the river-vessel “Puerto de Capitanía”. It is 40 minutes of navigation on the Madre de Dios River.

After arrival at the facilities of the Lodge Corto Maltes Amazonía you will be received with refreshments made from seasonal fruits. Later, your guide will give you the necessary information for your stay and hand over the keys to your bungalow and security safe, followed by the lunch and some time to rest until the first excursion.

Trek and visit the Shiringuero Camp: 3:30 pm. Depart for your first contact with the jungle. You will be accompanied by your guide, who will show you the tropical trees, medicinal plants and other aspects of the exuberant nature among the 60 hectares of Brazil nut concession that Corto Maltés Amazonia stewards.

Visit a shiringuero encampment, which is another one of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region. This is a reproduction of a real camp, in which you can see the process of collecting rubber (better known as latex), and see how it is used for many products. The time for this trek is 2 hours.

Free Time: Back at the Lodge you can relax by the pool or in the hammocks on the terrace of your bungalow, savor an exotic cocktail at the bar, enjoy a relaxing massage by our qualified staff, visit our shop for a handcrafted souvenir of the rainforest or head to the riverside to view the breathtaking sunset.

Caiman safari: 7:00 pm. Before dinner, we will leave for a nocturnal boat trip to observe caimans and, with a bit of luck, other animals which populate the riverbank at night.

Dinner: 8:00pm dinner in our riverside dining room.


Breakfast: Wake up at 5:30 am for some coffee or tea before leaving for Lake Sandoval. Your guide will hand out a bagged breakfast and snack for the excursion.

Lake Sandoval: 6:00 am: After roughly 20 minutes of travel on the river Madre de Dios, we arrive at the landing stage of Lake Sandoval. During a 3 km hike through the wild vegetation, we will enter the territory of Tambopata National Reserve, where you will have the chance to admire giant trees, different snakes, monkeys (squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys and capuchin monkeys) and various birds (notably the Hoatzin – also known as the stink bird-, kingfishers and snakebirds).

Once on Lake Sandoval, we will embark in small rowboats in search of giant river otters. We will also have the possibility to spot a good number of other reptiles, mammals and birds in their

natural habitat. When the guide finds an opportune spot where you can continue to observe the nature, we will eat breakfast. For the return trip, make sure you have gathered your belongings and we will row back to the pier.

OPTIONAL - Monkey Island. This activity depends on the season and the discretion of your guide. There are times that due to flooding it is nearly impossible to disembark and walk around the island. There are also times in the year for mating and reproduction, and it is important to leave the wild monkeys alone, without human interruption. The animals are accustomed to visitors and can come very close. Therefore it is very important to always follow the instructions of your guide.

Lunch: 1:30pm. Return to the Lodge for lunch.

Visit to the Lookout tower and a Brazil nut harvesting camp: 3:30 pm. We will visit of one of the two lookout towers of Corto Maltès Amazonía, with a height of 20 and 42 meters and designed for bird watching and the viewing of other types of animals living at this altitude in the canopy. In addition, you will enjoy an incredible view of the sunset. (The guide will consult with the guests on their preferences and adapt this excursion accordingly.)

There will also be a visit to a Brazil nut camp, where harvesters stay for the duration of the season. The Brazil nut (also known as castaña, as it is known locally) is one of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region.

Free time: You will then have some free time to enjoy the pool or a massage, get refreshed at the bar or visit our souvenir shop.

Dinner: 8:00pm. Dinner


Clay Lick: Wake up at 5:30 am for some coffee or tea before leaving for a 20-minute walk to the clay lick, where you will have the possibility to observe 3 to 5 types of parrots.

The parrots come to the clay lick to ingest a particular kind of clay, only found in certain areas of this region. The clay is vital for the metabolic regulation of the birds, and therefore is host to a colorful and veritably delightful and exciting event.

Breakfast and free time: 8:00 am. Breakfast and free time
Visit of the local city market: After breakfast, we will return to the city of Puerto Maldonado by


One of our vehicles will receive you at the port. After a short stop at our office, we will drive to the local market where the local population supplies itself with foods and other products. During a short visit of around 20-minutes, you will be able to appreciate the different typical products of the area.

We will then head to the airport to check-in for your respective flights.

And take flight to Cusco. When arrive will transfer to hotel

No incl. lunch and dinner


breakfast in hotel

Cusco city tour will visit :


Located in the basement of the qorikancha temple, it exhibits fragments of inca pottery, metalwork, textiles, painting, sculptures, and musical instruments. A scale- model shows how the qorikancha may have looked in inca times. There are also replicas of pre-incan and inca items found during onsite excavation works. There are five exhibition rooms.

2) Sacsayhuaman

The remains and foundations of a colossal structure formed by three-tiered defense walls made of stones that fit with razor-sharp precision. Sacsaywaman, which means “contented falcon”, was built in some 77 years (1431-1508) under the rule of Incas Tupac Yupanki and Wayna Qhapaq. The festival of Inti Raymi takes place here every June 24th.

3) Qenqo 

Qenqo means “ labyrinth”. An amphitheater, a central monolith, underground galleries, and vestiges of pottery are indicate that important ceremonies took place here. 

4) Tambomachay

A place where the inca lodged regularly. Tambomachay means “ Resort”. It is also known as “ the baths of the princess”. Two aqueducts provide spring water all year round.

After the trip, you will be unified at the square to get off, please walk back to the hotel

No incl . lunch and dinner


Breakfast in hotel

Pick up from the hotel

Sacred Valley 1D tour/ English guide/ Shared service

Breakfast at Hotel

Pick up from the hotel. Sacred Valley 1d tour with English tour guide:


1. PISAQ Ruins and Pisaq traditional market.

Archaeological park constructed at more than 3300m.a.s.l. with masterly and intriguing stone constructions. It was a large city which included several neighborhoods, such as intiwatana, p’isaqa, Tianayoc, K’alla  Kasa; two tunnels and the terraces of Patapata and Aqchapata connected them to the largest inca cemestery Tankana Marka. There is a colourful market every day in the town.Here we experience a vibrant atmosphere of communities, traditions and bartering. There are many handicrafts and textiles made in true pre-Columbain style to purchase.  


A beautiful inca town that preserves vividly Inca urban planning of houses, streets and waterways, and was safeguarded by a breathtaking fortress with its temples, hillside farming terraces and walls. Ollantaytambo was a military, religious, administrative and farming complex, built on top of two mountains.

Incl Lunch Buffet

after tour, you will be dropped off at main square. Please walk to train station. And take bus to Aguas Calentes. Our staff will pick you up at train station to hotel.


Not incl:


螢幕快照 2019-08-15 12.10.43.png

Breakfast in hotel

Pick up from the hotel to bus station.

You will take the shuttle bus to the Machu Picchu main entrance.

Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above sea level. The Incas started building the estate around AD 1400 but it was abandoned as an official site for the Inca rulers a century later at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Although known locally, it was unknown to the outside world before being brought to international attention in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. Since then, Machu Picchu has become an important tourist attraction.

In the afternoon, take the return train back to Ollantaytambo train staion. you will be picked up by the driver and transfer to Hotel. 


incl. Machu Picchu entrance ticket / English tour guide / transportations 

No incl. Huayna Picchu ticket/ Machu Picchu Mountain hiking ticket/ Inca bridge tour /Inti Punku (Sun Gate) tour


Breakfast in hotel

Today we will take the small bus and travel to Puno ,along the way we are going to visit:

1)  Andahuaylillas Church 

There, you'll find the church of San Pedro Apostol de Andahuaylillas, built by the Jesuits in the 16th century. Like other Spanish and religious constructions of the time, it was built on top of a huaca, or sacred place for the Incas. Made out of adobe and brick, the church is a small structure consisting of one nave, apse and bell tower. But there's a reason why it's known as the Sistine Chapel of America.

2)  Raqchi: Temple of Wiracocha

The most important building inside the complex is the "Wiracocha temple" that according to the old chroniclers was built by the Inca Wiracocha in honour to the Superior God invisible for the Andean people: "Apu Kon Titi Wiracocha". The "temple of Wiracocha" is a great construction for that age. Architectonically it is classified as "Kallanka", that is, a high building completely covered with straw (wood and "ichu"). Externally it is 92 meters long (302 feet) and 25.25 meter wide (83 feet).

3)  Sicuani where we are going to have a lunch spot

Sicuani is a relatively large highland town. The town is a major intersection, with the road to Puno/Arequipa passing through here. This town is surrounded by some very pretty hills. Afterwards, you have a buffet lunch in our exclusive restaurant with family atmosphere.

4)  La Raya

Abra La Raya (La Raya Pass) is the watershed between the valley that drains into Lake Titicaca and the valley that leads down to Cusco and to the Sacred Valley. The altitude is 4338 m (14,232 feet).

When arrive Puno bus station, will trans to hotel


Lunch incl

No incl . dinner


Breakfast in hotel



You will be picked up from your hotel in Puno and then transfer to the pier to take our motor boat and visit “The Uros Floating Islands” walking on the reed islands and interacting with the natives.

Later we will have a chance to ride a reed boat with the natives . After words, we continue our trip towards “Taquile Island” (2:10 hours aprox.)

Arriving to the shores of Taquile, we have to walk up along a narrow path, enjoying the views of the Lake titicaca and the typical houses inhabited by quechua natives.

At the main Plaza, you will have free time to explore this place on your own.

Later, we have lunch at one local restaurant (They usualy offer grill Trout).

After lunch, we walk down to the pier to take our motor boat back to Puno.

Incl. Lunch

No incl. dinner


Breakfast in hotel

Will pick up from hotel to airport. Then take flight back to Lima.

End of service


No incl. lunch and dinner / hotel / international flight

The itinerary includes:
1. The transport connection mentioned in the trip
2. Itinerary accommodation (hotel class can be arranged according to passenger preference)
3. Some meals
4. Attractions tickets
5. Rainforest three days and two nights itinerary
6. Round-trip train tickets for Ollantatambo-Aguas Calientes
7. Round trip bus ticket for Aguascalientes Machu Picchu
8. Travel guide in English or Spanish
The itinerary does not include:
1. International ticket
2. Domestic air tickets (can be purchased, charged based on actual fare)
3. Travel inconvenience insurance (can be purchased)
4. Wayna Picchu mountain ticket / Machu Picchu fan ticket / Sun Gate and Inca Bridge itinerary
5. Some meals
6. Mentioned items not included in the itinerary
7. Tipping for drivers and guides


  • The hotel part will be replaced by hotels or guesthouses of the same level if there are changes due to the influence of the off-peak season.

  • The itinerary includes domestic transportation (domestic flights, shuttle buses, trains, etc.), transfer services (only within the itinerary), sightseeing itineraries (including English-speaking guides during the tour period). We can also provide tour guides in other languages ​​according to your requirements (Or refer to members), part of the tickets for sightseeing spots (please read the itinerary details) and accommodation during the itinerary. However, itinerary costs do not include personal expenses, international air tickets, airport taxes for international flights, visa fees and tips.

  • Does not include any travel safety accident and inconvenience insurance: Passengers must insure themselves for travel safety and inconvenience insurance. The travel agency will not be responsible for any accidental compensation, medical expenses, flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage, etc. caused by third parties or force majeure factors or the personal factors of the passengers.

  • The itinerary is only a general introduction, please read it in detail and communicate with the travel agency in many ways. When you pay, you will be deemed to agree to all itinerary contracts and terms. The correct itinerary (including hotel) will be given to the travellers 1-2 weeks before departure

  • During the trip, the travel agency will also adjust part of the itinerary order or cancel any itinerary that may cause passenger harm due to various factors, such as traffic and weather.

  • However, if the international flight or domestic flight is cancelled or delayed, the passenger ’s personal visa, natural weather, war, strike, force majeure and other changing factors (not caused by the travel agency itself) make the passenger unable to participate in a certain itinerary or need to cancel the itinerary, The travel agency will not give any compensation and refund. However, the travel society will try its best to assist passengers in adjusting their itineraries so that their rights will not be damaged too much.

  • If the itinerary is changed due to the passenger's personal factors, the passenger must bear the extra costs and handling fees for the additional itinerary.

  • After the itinerary is confirmed, if booking 6 months before departure, a deposit of 65% of the total amount is required. For bookings made 1-3 months in advance, a deposit of 80% of the total amount is required. After confirming the amount received, the travel society immediately booked all itineraries. And pay the final payment 20 days before departure, we accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card payment: We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners club.

  • Bank transfer-bank transfer

  • After receiving the deposit, the travel agency will start to book the itinerary according to the itinerary content. If the travel agent changes the itinerary, the cost will be borne by the guest.

  • For meals, please read the itinerary.
    Vegetarians, allergic to certain foods, patients with heart disease or medical records, and other self-health problems, please inform the travel agency before booking. If you do not inform the travel agency or inform the travel agent 1-2 weeks before departure, the travel agency will have the right to cancel the itinerary (the travel agency will evaluate the passenger's physical condition) or the meal will not be changed.

  • Please check with the travel agency for student discounted prices
    If the passenger cancels the itinerary after paying the deposit in advance, the refund rate will be the same as that of the travel contract. Travel contract website:

  • If the itinerary contains air tickets within South America and is booked by a travel agency, once booking and invoicing (if there is a booking code or ticket number), there will be no refund and refund.

  • Regardless of the passenger's cancellation of the itinerary for any reason, the travel agency will not refund 10% of the total amount of the itinerary's handling fee, service fee and other non-refundable amounts: such as booking and payment. For other refunds, please read the travel contract of the travel agency:

  • This itinerary is like a travel contract. After paying the deposit, the representative agrees to all itinerary content and travel contract. Please read the travel contract here before paying the deposit:

Can't find the itinerary you want? Or want to adjust any details? Please leave a message to " tailor-made " to tell us! Crossland helps you customize your itinerary

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