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​秘魯、玻利維亞精緻旅遊完整 13日



Tour Code:  CRPB013-1



  • Group type:  group

  • Travel level: easy

  • Departure day: 2020.01.25-02.06



 Arrive LIMA




  • Airport pick-up-hotel (** If the flight arrives too early, please wait in the hotel lobby for check-in time)

  • Meet at the hotel lobby at 18:30 in the evening and head to the restaurant for dinner. Everyone knows each other and our team leader


The itinerary does not include:

  • Breakfast and lunch

  • International Ticket

        COSTA DE SOLSALAVERRY or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel, private car to the airport, domestic flight to Cusco

  • Today we will visit:


Cusco city tour will visit :


Located in the basement of the qorikancha temple, it exhibits fragments of inca pottery, metalwork, textiles, painting, sculptures, and musical instruments. A scale- model shows how the qorikancha may have looked in inca times. There are also replicas of pre-incan and inca items found during onsite excavation works. There are five exhibition rooms.

2)Cathdral Cusco Cusco Cathedral, formerly known as: Cusco Cathedral of Santo Domingo
Cusco Cathedral is located on the main square of Cusco. It is the first Christian church built in Cusco. It is a church where the Peruvians mainly hold any ceremonies and events, and it has also become a major symbol of colonial art, and also contains many cultural relics and remains. In 1983, it also became a UNESCO World Heritage List.
After that, we will walk to Cusco ’s main Plaza de Armas, which was the most important gathering place of the Inca period.

3) Sacsayhuaman

The remains and foundations of a colossal structure formed by three-tiered defense walls made of stones that fit with razor-sharp precision. Sacsaywaman, which means “contented falcon”, was built in some 77 years (1431-1508) under the rule of Incas Tupac Yupanki and Wayna Qhapaq. The festival of Inti Raymi takes place here every June 24th.

Lunch: KION
At the end of the itinerary, transfer to the Sacred Valley Hotel for a rest. Dinner will be served at the hotel


The itinerary does not include: Domestic ticket

        CASA ANDINA VALLE or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the train station, and take the train to Machu Picchu

  • Reference train information: OLLANTAY- MAPI VTD 501 08: 53-10: 29

  • After arriving, we will visit Hot Water Town on foot, then we will go to the restaurant for lunch


After lunch, we will go to Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above sea level. The Incas started building the estate around AD 1400 but it was abandoned as an official site for the Inca rulers a century later at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Although known locally, it was unknown to the outside world before being brought to international attention in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. Since then, Machu Picchu has become an important tourist attraction.

In the afternoon, take the return train back to Ollantaytambo train staion. you will be picked up by the driver and transfer to Hotel. 


No incl./ Huayna Picchu ticket/ Machu Picchu Mountain hiking ticket/ Inca bridge tour /Inti Punku (Sun Gate) tour


Lunch: EL MAPI / buffet

End the day of the monument tour and return to the hotel for dinner (including dinner)


        EL MAPI BY INKATERRA or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Sacred Valley to the train station, return by train

  • Return train reference information: MAPI-OLLANTAY EXP72 08: 53-10: 52

  • Today we will visit:



A beautiful inca town that preserves vividly Inca urban planning of houses, streets and waterways, and was safeguarded by a breathtaking fortress with its temples, hillside farming terraces and walls. Ollantaytambo was a military, religious, administrative and farming complex, built on top of two mountains.

2.  Salineras de Maras

This salt lake has been used since the early Inca period. Underground saline rivers slowly flow into this large and small salt lake from above, and the salt water is evaporated by the heat of sunlight. Residents at that time made a living by extracting and selling refined salt. It was like a family heirloom at that time, passed down from generation to generation.

3. Moray Inca Terraces

It is dominated by several huge circular depressions, the largest of which is about 30 meters (98 feet) deep. The purpose of these depressions is uncertain; from the bottom to the highest point, the depth of each of their layers plus the temperature difference between the wind direction and the heat of the sun is as high as 15 ° C (59 ° F). It is likely that the Incas used the principle of temperature difference to cultivate different crops.

Lunch included:
Dinner: UCHU

                NOVOTEL CUSCO or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Today's car to Puno

    Will visit on the way


1)  Andahuaylillas Church 

There, you'll find the church of San Pedro Apostol de Andahuaylillas, built by the Jesuits in the 16th century. Like other Spanish and religious constructions of the time, it was built on top of a huaca, or sacred place for the Incas. Made out of adobe and brick, the church is a small structure consisting of one nave, apse and bell tower. But there's a reason why it's known as the Sistine Chapel of America.

2)  Raqchi: Temple of Wiracocha

The most important building inside the complex is the "Wiracocha temple" that according to the old chroniclers was built by the Inca Wiracocha in honour to the Superior God invisible for the Andean people: "Apu Kon Titi Wiracocha". The "temple of Wiracocha" is a great construction for that age. Architectonically it is classified as "Kallanka", that is, a high building completely covered with straw (wood and "ichu"). Externally it is 92 meters long (302 feet) and 25.25 meter wide (83 feet).

3)  La Raya

Abra La Raya (La Raya Pass) is the watershed between the valley that drains into Lake Titicaca and the valley that leads down to Cusco and to the Sacred Valley. The altitude is 4338 m (14,232 feet).

Lunch included: FELIPON buffet

** From Cusco-Punoyan road, mostly small town, we will provide light meals


Dinner at the hotel

         CASA ANDINA PREMIUM PUNO or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Early in the morning, the tour leader and tour guide will submit the tourist visa application documents to the Bolivia office

  • 10:00 AM UROS Half-Day Tour Itinerary


Uros are artificial islands built from 42 reeds. These islands were originally used for defense. Once threatened, the islands can be moved. On the island, it is common to see that many watchtowers are also made of reeds.
Return to the city center, we will have lunch in the city center, after lunch, we will walk to the center of PUNO, then we will go to the Bolivia office to collect the visa in person, then we will return to the hotel to rest

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel

CAMINO REAL SUIT or the same level






  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Drive to the border and meet our Bolivian guide here.

  • To the border of Kasani Peru and Bolivia. Here you need to present a valid Bolivia visa. After crossing the border, we will continue to COPACABANA. We will take a boat to visit Sun Island. Which is the cradle of Inca Empire origin, here we will see the former Colombian ruins such as Yumani stairs, Inca fountain and Pillkoqaina Palace , We can also see Cordillera Real or the Andes from this island.

  • After lunch, we will visit the local church in Copacabana. Then continue to la paz hotel for resting.


With dinner

                 CAMINO REAL SUIT or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel



Today we will visit Tiwanaku, located about 72 km away from la paz. We arrived at the ruins of Tiwanaku, where we will see the pyramids of Akapana, Kalasasaya temple, semi underground temple (temporary translation: semi-underground temple), Puerta del
Sol (gate of the sun) and museum.


Lunch included: This area only offers light meals

With dinner

         COSTA DE SOLSALAVERRY or the same level





  • Breakfast at the hotel
    Private car to airport, take domestic flight to UYUNI
    Upon arrival at uyuni, the airport will pick you up. You will follow your guide to visit Uyuni in the morning

  • Uyuni Salt Lake was established in 1890 and at that time only served as a trading post. The town has a population of about 10,460 people and is located at an altitude of 3700 meters. Due to insufficient water supply and heavy salty taste, the agriculture in this area is not prosperous. Today, the main income of the town comes from the tourism income of the Salt Lake.

  • First, you will visit Trains Cemetery (translated: train cemetery) .You will see a variety of old and rusty trains. It used to be a bustling railway hub connecting major mines in Bolivia. But the mine eventually dried up and the train stopped. After that, we will go to Colchani (provisional translation: Gorciani). This is a town before entering the salt lake, and it is the only salt that has been made from Uyuni salt to date. Here you will learn about the salt making process. The itinerary finally came to Fish island "Inkawasi" (provisional translation: Yudao) Located in the center 102 kilometers away from Uyuni. This is a true oasis, a low-altitude island filled with algae and fossil formations. It is characterized by covering hundreds of thousands of giant columnar cacti, some about one hundred years old and some more than 12 meters high. You can view the entire salt lake at the highest point of the island 

* In the rainy season, the itinerary will be adjusted according to the weather.


Lunch included

Dinner at the hotel

Including sunset group


The itinerary does not include: Air tickets


Reference flight:

OB302 LPB- UYU 08: 05- 09:05 or

AMAZONAS AIRLINE Z8 300 07: 15- 08:00

         COSTA DE SOLSALAVERRY or the same level

DAY 11




DAY 10




  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Today we will take you to the village of Coquesa. This is a village located at the foot of Thunupa volcano. Here you will visit a mummy over 900 years old


End of the tour, go to the hotel to rest

** In the rainy season, the itinerary will be adjusted according to the weather.
** Or you can find water on the salt lake all day long.


Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Trans to the airport, take domestic flight to LA PAZ. Upon arrival at LA PAZ, pick up at the airport-restaurant

  • After lunch, we will visit the city of LA PAZ.

  • We will visit: Moon Valley, the witches market, the main square, Jaen Street and the Gold Museum
    (** The Gold Museum is closed on Monday) After that, we will have the opportunity to take cable car overlooking La Paz city

Lunch and dinner including

The itinerary does not include: Air tickets


Reference flight: OB303 UYU- LPB 09: 40-10: 40 or

Z8303 UYU- LPB 10: 00- 10:50

          CAMINO REAL SUIT or the same level
               CAMINO REAL SUIT or the same level

DAY 12




  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Private car to airport, take international flight to Lima, airport pick up

  • Lima City Tour: We will visit the main square of Lima. We will see colonial-style buildings such as the Presidential Palace, St. Martin's Square, and the Cathedral. Then we will come to the Franciscan Monastery, built in the colonial era and still maintain all the treasures of the Spanish era, including the most famous catacombs. Then we will come to the most modern area of ​​Lima: San Isidro / san isidro, then we will visit:  Miraflores district / And its most famous LARCO MAR shopping center and Valentine's Square

  • In the afternoon, we will go to Larco  Museum
    The Laco Inca Pottery Gold Museum was established in 1926, and here is a summary of the history of more than 3,000 years from the former Peruvian Colombia. It is located in an 18th-century royal manor and built on the pyramids of the pre-Columbian period in the 7th century. And in this museum you can see the best collection of gold and silver in ancient Peru and the famous collection of erotic archaeology, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Peru. It is also in some museums in the world, and visitors can also enter the storage area where 45.000 secrets are classified as archaeological objects.


Lunch and dinner including

The itinerary does not include: Ticket flight


AV7391 LPB- LIM 07: 56-09: 05 

         COSTA DE SOLSALAVERRY or the same level

DAY 13




  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Private car to the airport (24-hour airport drop-off without charge)


The itinerary does not include:

  • Lunch and dinner

  • hostel

  • International Ticket


The itinerary includes:


  • One-time pick-up and drop-off service (you can arrive early or go late, if the arrival time is close, they will be merged together)

  • Visa fees for Bolivia

  • Chinese guide

  • Tickets, tickets and guided tours in the itinerary

  • Tip

The itinerary does not include:


  • International air tickets, domestic air tickets (we can help you book)

  • Hotel fees for early arrival or late departure

  • International Travel  Insurance

  • Some meals

  • Items not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Toilet usage fee


(The price does not included any international flights or domestic flights, any kind of travel insurance (不含國際航班及內陸航班,旅遊平安險及不便險)

**行程價格已含所有小費 ,玻利維亞簽證費及1位當地中文導遊


  • 14 -17 位

DOUBLE STANDARD ROOM / 標準雙人房:.3876  USD/ 每人

  • 18-20 位

DOUBLE STANDARD ROOM / 標準雙人房: 3700 USD/ 每人






**單人房 須另補: 730 USD / 每人

** Passengers need to confirm the room type with agent before traveling. We offer Double room with 2 single beds or matrimonial room. If you fail to confirm it before 30day of your tour departure,We will put you in Double room with 2 single beds .


If you have any questions, please please write to:

Documents required for Bolivia visa application:


The required documents are as follows:

(Please print on " A4 paper" and bring the original.)

1. Passport
2. Return ticket (ticket to return to your country or to the next destination)
3. Yellow fever syndrome (yellow book for injection)
4. Hotel reservation information (we will provide)
5. A passport-sized photo
6. USD 30 visa fee
7. A photocopy of my credit card or proof of bank financial strength (English version required)

8. Bolivia Itinerary English version (we will provide)

Remark :


  • Part of the hotel will be affected by the off-peak season, if there is a change, it will be replaced by a hotel or bed and breakfast of the same level.
  • The itinerary cost includes domestic transportation during the trip (domestic flights, shuttle buses, trains, etc.), shuttle service (only within the itinerary), sightseeing itinerary (including English tour guide commentary. According to your requirements, we can also provide tour guides in other languages) Or you can turn to the councilors), part of the tickets for the sightseeing spots (please read the itinerary) and the accommodation in the itinerary. However, the trip fee does not include personal expenses, international air tickets, airport taxes for international flights, visa fees and tips.
  • Does not include any travel safety accident insurance and inconvenience insurance: Passengers are required to insure travel safety insurance and inconvenience insurance. The travel agency will not be responsible for any accident compensation, medical expenses, flight delays or cancellations, baggage loss, etc. caused by third parties or force majeure factors or personal factors of the passenger, which are not caused by the travel agency to the passenger.
  • The itinerary is only a general introduction, please read it in detail and communicate with the travel agency in many ways. When you make a payment, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the travel contracts and terms. The correct itinerary (including hotel) will be given to passengers 1-2 weeks before departure
  • During the trip, the travel agency will also adjust part of the itinerary or cancel any itinerary that may cause passenger injury due to various factors, such as traffic and weather.
  • However, if due to cancellation or delay of international flights or domestic flights, personal visa problems of the passengers, weather, natural disasters, wars, strikes, force majeure and other changing factors (not errors caused by the travel agency itself), the passengers cannot participate in the itinerary or must cancel the itinerary The travel agency will not give any compensation or refund. However, the travel society tries to assist the passengers to adjust their itineraries so that the rights and interests of the passengers will not be damaged too much.
  • If the itinerary is changed due to the passenger's personal factors, the passenger must bear the additional costs and handling fees for changing the itinerary.
  • After the itinerary is confirmed, if you book 6 months before departure, you need to pay 65% ​​of the total deposit. For bookings made 1-3 months ago, a deposit of 80% of the total amount is required. After confirming the amount received, the travel agency will immediately book all the trips. And pay the final payment 20 days before departure, we accept the following payment methods:

        -Credit card payment: We only accept VISA, Master card, American Express, Diners club.

- Bank Transfer

  • After receiving the deposit, the travel agency will start to book the itinerary according to the content of the itinerary. Any changes in the itinerary due to the passenger's personal factors will be borne by the guest.
  • Please read the itinerary for details.
  • Vegetarians, allergies to a certain food, patients with heart disease or medical history, and other health problems should inform the travel agency before booking. If the travel agent is not informed or advised 1-2 weeks before departure, the travel agent will have the right to cancel the itinerary (the travel agent will assess the passenger ’s physical condition) or the meal will not be replaced.
  • Hold an international student card (only accept ISIC, under 25 years old), will enjoy some discounts on tickets ** For student discount prices, please check with travel agency
  • If the passenger cancels the itinerary after prepaying the deposit, the refund standard will be the same as the travel contract. Travel contract website:
  • If the itinerary contains a ticket in South America and is booked by a travel agency, once the booking and invoicing (if there is a booking code or ticket number), the ticket cannot be refunded and refunded.
  • No matter the passenger cancels the itinerary for any reason, the travel agency will not refund 10% of the total amount of the handling fee, service fee and other non-refundable fees: such as the amount of the reservation and payment. For other refund standards, please read the travel agency ’s travel contract:
  • This itinerary is like a travel contract. After prepaying the deposit, the representative agrees to all the itinerary and travel contract. Passengers are requested to read the travel contract at this link before paying the deposit:

Can't find the itinerary you want ?? You can customize your itinerary, just go to "tailor-made" and we will make your own itinerary !!

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