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 North PERu 16D TOUR 

​ 秘魯深度古蹟巡禮 16日遊 




 Tour Code:  CRNPE01 6 -1 


  • Group type:  shared group

  • Departure date: 2020.07.06-07.21


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The itinerary includes:

Airport pick-up-hotel

** If the flight arrives too early, please wait in the hotel lobby for check-in time

** 24-hour airport pick-up and drop-off will not be charged (only driver pick-up)


Meet at the hotel lobby at 18:30 in the evening, we will have dinner in the hotel restaurant and meet everyone and our leader

The itinerary does not include:

Breakfast and lunch

International Ticket

        CFOUR POINTS BY SHERATON or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Private car to the airport and domestic flight to Cusco

Upon arrival in Cusco, airport pick up

Today we will visit:

1. Salineras de Maras

This salt lake has been used since the early Inca period. Underground saline rivers slowly flow into this large and small salt lake from above, and the salt water is evaporated by the heat of sunlight. Residents at that time made a living by extracting and selling refined salt. It was like a family heirloom at that time, passed down from generation to generation.

2. Moray Inca Terraces

It is dominated by several huge circular depressions, the largest of which is about 30 meters (98 feet) deep. The purpose of these depressions is uncertain; from the bottom to the highest point, the depth of each of their layers plus the temperature difference between the wind direction and the heat of the sun is as high as 15 ° C (59 ° F). It is likely that the Incas used the principle of temperature difference to cultivate different crops.



In the Inca Empire, Ollantaytambo was conquered by Emperor Pachacuti, and established towns and sacrificial centers, as well as extensive engineering and irrigation terraces in the Urubamba Valley. Ollantaytambo was also a military point at the time.



Lunch included:

At the end of the trip, head to Ollantaytambo Railway Station and take the train to AGUAS CALIENTES Town

Upon arriving , will trans to the hotel

Dinner included:


PREFERRED FLIGHT: LA2023 LIM- CUZ 08: 13- 09: 40

        EL MAPI or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

You will take the shuttle bus to the Machu Picchu main entrance.

Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above sea level. The Incas started building the estate around AD 1400 but it was abandoned as an official site for the Inca rulers a century later at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Although known locally, it was unknown to the outside world before being brought to international attention in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. Since then, Machu Picchu has become an important tourist attraction.

In the afternoon, take the return train back to Ollantaytambo train staion. you will be picked up by the driver and transfer to Hotel. 


Dinner included: UCHU

No incl. Huayna Picchu ticket/ Machu Picchu Mountain hiking ticket/ Inca bridge tour /Inti Punku (Sun Gate) tour

        NOVOTEL CUSCO or the same level





The itinerary includes:

We will depart from the hotel to Rainbow Mountain early in the morning. We will reach Quesiuno (about 4,326 m above sea level) south of the Sacred Valley, which is also the starting point for our hike. On the way, we will see the original life of the local Andean residents, alpaca, clear river and overlooking the Ausangate mountain. About 2.5 hours of hiking (or horse riding), we will come to our destination: Rainbow Mountain is about 5046m above sea level. Here we will stay for 30 minutes, after which we will return to the car parking place, the car will go to Cusco, we will arrive in Cusco at 5-6 pm

Breakfast and lunch will be enjoyed in the local town (only light meals are provided)

Dinner included:


Not included in the itinerary:

** You need to bring warm clothing / sunscreen / raincoat

                NOVOTEL CUSCO or the same level



( 印加草橋行程)



The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Depart Cusco at 6 am for Qeswachaka. We will see four famous lagoons near Cusco on Yan Road, and we will also see the small Pabellones volcano. After that, we will arrive at the Huinchiri community, where we will enjoy our lunch. After lunch, we will go to the Qeswachaka Bridge. The guide will explain the history and architectural features of the bridge to us. An old pre-Inca bridge!

At the end of the trip, we will return to Cusco

Incl lunch and dinner


         NOVOTEL CUSCO  or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Early in the morning, today we will visit:


Located in the basement of the qorikancha temple, it exhibits fragments of inca pottery, metalwork, textiles, painting, sculptures, and musical instruments. A scale- model shows how the qorikancha may have looked in inca times. There are also replicas of pre-incan and inca items found during onsite excavation works. There are five exhibition rooms.

2) Cathdral Cusco, formerly known as: Cathedral of Santo Domingo in Cusco

Cusco Cathedral is located on the main square of Cusco. It is the first Christian church built in Cusco. It is a church where the Peruvians mainly hold any ceremonies and events, and it has also become a major symbol of colonial art, and also contains many cultural relics and remains. In 1983, it also became a UNESCO World Heritage List.


3) Sacsayhuaman

The remains and foundations of a colossal structure formed by three-tiered defense walls made of stones that fit with razor-sharp precision. Sacsaywaman, which means “contented falcon”, was built in some 77 years (1431-1508) under the rule of Incas Tupac Yupanki and Wayna Qhapaq. The festival of Inti Raymi takes place here every June 24th.

In the afternoon, will trans to the airport, take the domestic flight to  Chiclayo

Upon arrival in chiclayo, airport pick-up-hotel

Dinner box will be provided


PREFERRED FLIGHT: LA2068 + LA2278 CUZ- LIM- CIX 18: 27- 22:20

 COSTA DEL SOL CHICLAYO or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Early in the morning, We start visiting SICAN NATIONAL MUSEUM located in the city of Ferreñafe that is known
as the “Land of the Double Faith”, owing to the presence of both Catholic and shamanistic (witchcraft)
beliefs. The museum is dedicated to scientific research of the Sican Culture and dissemination of its
results, as well as protection and storage of the material remains of this culture. This exhibit focuses
on all aspects of the Sicán people and their culture, it is apro. 700 AC UNTIL 1375 AC. You will see
details of the domestic life of commoners and the processes of making pottery and metals, in addition to recreation of the tombs of Sicán noblemen with many gold and other valuable goods.
Then the group will have time to have lunch in the Bobadilla Restaurant in Pitipo until we continue visiting Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary contains the densest formation of carob trees on the planet:
the cultural and landscape unit of the forest of Pómac and the Sicán archaeological site. It’s the habitat for many species typically found in dry woods, especially birds of many kinds, some of which are endemic. It is an important spot for bird-watchers. The Sanctuary also contains an ancient tree: an enormous carob with a bizarre shape, over 4 centuries old.
After that, we’ll go to Tucume the valley of Pyramids With 26 total structures, known as the last capital of the Lambayeque kingdom.
Here lies some 26 pyramid type structures that served as housings and temples his is where the noted archaeologist Thor Heyderdahl is credited (amongst other accomplishments) for the scientific
excavations. Return to Chiclayo in the late afternoon. After the itinerary, transfer to the hotel for a rest


Dinner included: FIESTA GOURMET or PAPRIKA

                 COSTA DEL SOL CHICLAYO or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer from Chiclayo Hotel to Chachapoyas, at Gocta Anden Lodge Hotel. The group will get a lunch
along the way at “La Tilapia” Restaurant

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel

         GOCTA ANDES LODGE or the same level





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast will be enjoyed in the car

Today we will enjoy the sunrise at the hotel and look at the beauty of the GOCTA waterfall from a distance

We will take a ride to Tingo, about 2.5 hours drive

Then you will board the cable car to Kuelap Fortress (about 20 minutes).

Visit to the Fortress of Kuelap which contains many surprises such as a mysterious tinador (ink well) structure defying gravity. Many believe this to be a mystic oracle where shaman gathered under its lens at special times to forecast events. Another object is a symmetric eight pointed star with its longer alternating points pointing exactly to the north, south, east and west. Then at the north end of the fortress is a high stone tower mitador (lookout).Upon arrival, you will visit on foot, known as Machu Picchu in northern Peru

With lunch TINO or Shubet

Dinner BATAN DEL PAISA or others

         La Xalca Hotel or the same level

DAY 10




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to The Sarcophagi of Karajia, tombs in the shape of a human figure. They are located in very high rocks, at nearly 8,400 feet up a vertical rock face and are more than 8 feet high. These burials were located in places that were difficult to reach, such as caves, cliffs and steep slopes. The aim was to
ensure the sarcophagi would never be visited and the mummified bodies could rest in peace for all eternity. 

With lunch / EL RULO or others

Dinner included / EL REAL CESINA or others

               La Xalca Hotel or the same level

DAY 11




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Private car to CAJAMARCA-Hotel to rest

With lunch box

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel

      COSTA DE SOL CAJAMARCA or the same level

DAY 12




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer from your hotel in the morning to start the tour to Cumbemayo visiting the natural lookout Bellavista, Layzón and the Forest Park, later will reach Cumbemayo, where we find the famous
stone forest or Fraylones, the sanctuary, caves or shelters, the stone of sacrifice, ceremonial altars, petroglyphs, the 3,000 years old hydraulic channel and the aqueduct.
Immediately after the lunch service included, enjoy the beauty of the valley Cajamarca and rio Chonta, the “Otuzco Windows” the great necropolis of crypts dug in stonework outcrops Later We will
visit the Ventanillas de Otuzco, which is a great pre-Inca cemetery (necropolis) well known for its crypts that were dug in quarry rocks (volcanic stone).
End of the trip, return to the hotel to rest

With lunch el SALAS

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel

         COSTA DE SOL CAJAMARCA or the same level

DAY 13




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Private car to TRUJILLO (about 6 hours by car)



Lunch included

Dinner: MOCHICA RESTAURANT or others


DAY 14




The itinerary includes:

See Trujillo’s most important archeological sites on one big day trip that includes temples from both the
Moche and Chimú cultures. Start at the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon, which together make up the site known as the Temples of Moche and visit the coastal town of Huanchaco for lunch. Finally, experience the biggest ancient city in South America — Chan Chan — a UNESCO World Heritage site. During it all, learn about the history and cultural significance of these sites from an experienced guide.
Your day trip from Trujillo starts with hotel pickup for the 15-minute drive south of town to the Temple of the Sun (Huaca del Sol) and Temple of the Moon (Huaca de la Luna), collectively known as the Temples of Moche (Huacas de Moche). When you arrive, you'll learn about the Moche people, the civilization that inhabited northern Peru from the 1st to 8th centuries and built the two temples you have come to see. Explore the site with your guide, enjoying close-up views of both temples and learning about their
history and significance. Built out of adobe brick, both the Sun and Moon temples played important roles in the life of the Moche; archeologists think that the stepped Temple of the Sun was used for administrative and military purposes, while the terraced Temple of the Moon provided religious and ceremonial functions. Admire the impressive frescoes that adorn the walls of the Temple of the Moon, and marvel at the size of the Temple of the Sun, which is the bigger of the two. Next, continue your day trip to Huaco el Dragon, the Temple of the Dragon, also known as Huaco del Arco Iris, or Temple of the Rainbow. Admire the adobe pyramid’s intricate frieze detailing before leaving for your next destination, Huanchaco, about a 20-minute drive west. Located on the coast, Huanchaco is a fishing village and beach town known for its caballitos de totora (little reed horses), small boats made out of reed that have been used by fishermen in Peru for 3,000 years. Your day trip ends with transfer to hotel.Upon arrival at TRUJILLO, transfer to the hotelAt the end of the trip, the car will return to the hotel to rest


Lunch included SOMBRERODE HUANCHACO or others

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel

or the same level

DAY 15





The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel

Half-day itinerary: Today we will go to the "Magdalena de Cao", a city in the Chicama Canyon, where we will visit the "El Brujo" archaeological site. Among them are Huaca Partida (Huaca el Brujo) and Huaca Cao Viejo, among which are the fresco reliefs where they admire the highest god Aiapaec, and also the Lady of Cao, the mummy of the oldest and highest female priest or ruler. . In the Museum of Lady of Cao, you can see jewelry, jewelry, gems, gold, silver, pottery and textiles unearthed. You can also see the mummy of Lady of cao, and the tattoos of spiders and snakes on her arms are still visible on her. With lunch BIG BEN DE HUANCHACO or El ROMANO

After lunch, transfer to the airport and take a domestic flight to Lima


Dinner included: LA ROSA NAUTICA


PREFEREED FLIGHT: LA2209 TRU- LIM 16: 05- 17:14

or the same level

DAY 16




The itinerary includes:

Breakfast at the hotel


Private car to the airport

** 24-hour airport pick-up and drop-off will not be charged (only driver pick-up)


The itinerary does not include: lunch, dinner / hotel / international ticket


The itinerary includes:

  • The items included in the above itinerary

  • One-time pick-up and drop-off service (early arrival or late departure is possible, if the arrival time is close, will be combined transfer)

  • Chinese guide

  • Tickets, tickets and guided tours

  • Tip

The itinerary does not include:


  • International air tickets, domestic air tickets (we can help you book)

  • Hotel fees for early arrival or late departure

  • International  Insurance

  • Some meals

  • Items not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Toilet usage fee


(The price does not included any international flights or domestic flights, any kind of travel insurance (不含國際航班及內陸航班,旅遊平安險及不便險)

**行程價格已含所有小費 及1位當地中文導遊


  • 14 -17 位

DOUBLE STANDARD ROOM / 標準雙人房:.3834  USD/ 每人

  • 18-20 位

DOUBLE STANDARD ROOM / 標準雙人房: 3625  USD/ 每人





LIM- CUZ  /  CUZ- LIM- CIX  /  TRU- LIM: 478  USD/ 每位

**單人房 須另補: 734 USD / 每人

** Passengers need to confirm the room type with agent before traveling. We offer Double room with 2 single beds or matrimonial room. If you fail to confirm it before 30day of your tour departure,We will put you in Double room with 2 single beds .



If you have any questions, please write to:


  • Part of the hotel will be affected by the off-peak season, if there is a change, it will be replaced by a hotel or bed and breakfast of the same level.
  • The itinerary cost includes domestic transportation during the trip (domestic flights, shuttle buses, trains, etc.), shuttle service (only within the itinerary), sightseeing itinerary (including English tour guide commentary. According to your requirements, we can also provide tour guides in other languages) Or you can turn to the councilors), part of the tickets for the sightseeing spots (please read the itinerary) and the accommodation in the itinerary. However, the trip fee does not include personal expenses, international air tickets, airport taxes for international flights, visa fees and tips.
  • Does not include any travel safety accident insurance and inconvenience insurance: Passengers are required to insure travel safety insurance and inconvenience insurance. The travel agency will not be responsible for any accident compensation, medical expenses, flight delays or cancellations, baggage loss, etc. caused by third parties or force majeure factors or personal factors of the passenger, which are not caused by the travel agency to the passenger.
  • The itinerary is only a general introduction, please read it in detail and communicate with the travel agency in many ways. When you make a payment, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the travel contracts and terms. The correct itinerary (including hotel) will be given to passengers 1-2 weeks before departure
  • During the trip, the travel agency will also adjust part of the itinerary or cancel any itinerary that may cause passenger injury due to various factors, such as traffic and weather.
  • However, if due to cancellation or delay of international flights or domestic flights, personal visa problems of the passengers, weather, natural disasters, wars, strikes, force majeure and other changing factors (not errors caused by the travel agency itself), the passengers cannot participate in the itinerary or must cancel the itinerary The travel agency will not give any compensation or refund. However, the travel society tries to assist the passengers to adjust their itineraries so that the rights and interests of the passengers will not be damaged too much.
  • If the itinerary is changed due to the passenger's personal factors, the passenger must bear the additional costs and handling fees for changing the itinerary.
  • After the itinerary is confirmed, if you book 6 months before departure, you need to pay 65% ​​of the total deposit. For bookings made 1-3 months ago, a deposit of 80% of the total amount is required. After confirming the amount received, the travel agency will immediately book all the trips. And pay the final payment 20 days before departure, we accept the following payment methods:

        -Credit card payment: We only accept VISA, Master card, American Express, Diners club.

- Bank Transfer

  • After receiving the deposit, the travel agency will start to book the itinerary according to the content of the itinerary. Any changes in the itinerary due to the passenger's personal factors will be borne by the guest.
  • Please read the itinerary for details.
  • Vegetarians, allergies to a certain food, patients with heart disease or medical history, and other health problems should inform the travel agency before booking. If the travel agent is not informed or advised 1-2 weeks before departure, the travel agent will have the right to cancel the itinerary (the travel agent will assess the passenger ’s physical condition) or the meal will not be replaced.
  • Hold an international student card (only accept ISIC, under 25 years old), will enjoy some discounts on tickets ** For student discount prices, please check with travel agency
  • If the passenger cancels the itinerary after prepaying the deposit, the refund standard will be the same as the travel contract. Travel contract website:
  • If the itinerary contains a ticket in South America and is booked by a travel agency, once the booking and invoicing (if there is a booking code or ticket number), the ticket cannot be refunded and refunded.
  • No matter the passenger cancels the itinerary for any reason, the travel agency will not refund 10% of the total amount of the handling fee, service fee and other non-refundable fees: such as the amount of the reservation and payment. For other refund standards, please read the travel agency ’s travel contract:
  • This itinerary is like a travel contract. After prepaying the deposit, the representative agrees to all the itinerary and travel contract. Passengers are requested to read the travel contract at this link before paying the deposit:

Can't find the itinerary you want ?? You can customize your itinerary, just go to "tailor-made" and we will make your own itinerary !!

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