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Take you to know Peruvian currency:



The currency currently used in Peru is S /. The coins are 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 5 yuan, and the banknotes are 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, and 200 yuan. Except in the neighboring countries of South America, most countries cannot be exchanged directly. You can prepare US dollars or Euros at the airport, bank, bank, or on the road wearing a government-authorized exchange person to exchange money. You can use US dollars or Euros to exchange currencies. Currently, US dollars : New Sol approximately 1: 3.2, New Sol: NT $ 1: 10, it is worth noting that counterfeit currency is very popular in Peru, so you should check it when you exchange it. If there is any suspected counterfeit banknote, please contact the store and the store. Do replacement

** The acceptance of US dollars in Peru is very high, and US dollars can be used everywhere, but because the US dollar exchange rate given by each store is not necessarily, we still recommend customers to exchange some local currency.

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You will find a lot of styles on the back of the 1 yuan, printed with Peruvian landmarks and local rich resources. This is commemorative. If you are lucky enough to get one of them, remember to collect it.

About tips and taxes:

In Peruvian general medium-level restaurants, you can pay 1USD (S. / 2-5) according to the quality of service, etc., you can stay directly in the account or give it to the waiter, higher-level restaurants can give higher fees
In addition, in the itinerary or package tour, the tip of the tour guide is about 3-4USD / per person per day, the driver is about 1USD / per person per day, and the hotel luggage is 1USD / per person
Tips for the Inca Trail 4 days and 3 nights: 120-150 USD per person for guided tours, 80-100 USD per person for assistant guides, 80-100 USD per person for chefs, 60 USD / person for assistant chefs, and 25-30 USD for porters / Per person
The tax (18%) is included in the consumption, and it is not refundable for foreigners shopping.

Credit card using:

Most of the shops in Lima, Peru can pay by credit card (VISA / MASTER CARD, etc., the most commonly used are VISA cards), but the popularity in other cities is not high. It can only be paid in cash. Some souvenir shops can only be used with S./20 if they pay by credit card, or there will be an additional fee of 5%, so it is still recommended to exchange some cash for use.


The rich and the poor in Peru are quite disparate, with low average incomes and low employment rates. Avoid taking too much cash and valuables when you go on the street. If you live in a hotel, you can put the items in a safe, and it is recommended to carry your passport and most cash close to you. Avoid going to sparsely populated places at night. No matter if you are taking a vehicle or dining in a restaurant, do not put your personal items such as leather bags and backpacks on the back of the chair or invisible places to avoid theft.
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